Lead Paint Removal Services in Colorado:
Lead Paint Mold Removal

Despite the ban on lead paint in residential properties in Colorado since 1978, numerous homes still contain undetected lead paint. Here at AAARK Grand, we provide our Colorado clients with proven lead paint removal services, ensuring our customers steer clear of complications with government regulations. Lead paint also presents multiple health risks to our Colorado clients. It’s assumed that adult’s exposure can lead to high blood pressure, fertility problems, and possible damage to organs like the kidneys and brain. Prioritize your health by hiring our professional lead paint removal contractors for expert removal.


Fully Trained & Authorized Team of Lead Paint Removers

Our lead paint removal contractors in Colorado prioritize safety and client wellbeing through our comprehensive training programs. These include hazard awareness, assessment, recognizing lead based paint, and implementing safety measures. Additionally, our team members receive training on safe handling, packaging, and disposal of lead contaminated materials, adhering to Colorado’s regulations and guidelines for proper disposal. For a qualified team you can trust, turn to our professionals today!


Proven Lead Paint Removal Services in Colorado

When checking for dangerous levels of lead paint, you can feel confident that we’re taking the proper precautions to ensure all those around are safe and protected, including our own staff. We seal off the area and ensure that when using any power tools, they’re equipped with HEPA filtered attachments for proper cleanup. Once the lead removal process is finished, we perform additional inspections on your property in Colorado and ensure that all within your home is lead free.


Home Lead Paint Removal in Colorado That Suits Your Schedule

At AAARK Grand, we accommodate our client’s timelines, making our home lead paint removal process more convenient. Our lead paint removal contractors schedule the project at a time that works best for our Colorado customers, minimizing disruption to their daily routines and activities. Our flexibility also leads to minimized exposure, allowing our contractors to swiftly remove the lead paint, and reduce the duration of potential exposure to lead hazards for our clients and their household members in Colorado.


Complete Construction Solutions You Can Count On

At AAARK Grand, our primary goal is to bring the Colorado community services they can rely on. Whether you need general contractor services, emergency cleanup and restoration, roll off dumpster rentals, or even mold removal services, our Colorado team has all you’re looking for. Our services extend beyond what the traditional construction company delivers. We focus on our customers, putting their needs and experience above all else. For a team that enhances your property and brings you a partner you can lean on, turn to our professionals at AAARK Grand today!

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